Test your English

For the questions below, please choose the best option to complete the sentence or conversation

1 - Can I park here?
Sorry, I did that.It's the same place.Only for half an hour.

2 - What colour will you paint the children's bedroom?
I hope it was right.We can't decide.It wasn't very difficult.

3 - I can't understand this email.

4 - I'd like two tickets for tomorrow night.
How much did you pay?Afternoon and evening.I'll just check for you.

5 - Shall we go to the gym now?
I'm too tiredIt's very goodNot at all

6 - His eyes were ...... bad that he couldn't read the number plate of the car in front.

7 - The company needs to decide ...... and for all what its position is on this point.

8 - Don't put your cup on the ...... of the table – someone will knock it off.

9 - I'm sorry - I didn't ...... to disturb you.

10 - The singer ended the concert ...... her most popular song.

11 - Would you mind ...... these plates a wipe before putting them in the cupboard?

12 - I was looking forward ...... at the new restaurant, but it was closed.
to eatto have eatento eatingeating

13 - ...... tired Melissa is when she gets home from work, she always makes time to say goodnight to the children.
WhateverNo matter howHowever muchAlthough

14 - It was only ten days ago ...... she started her new job.

15 - The shop didn't have the shoes I wanted, but they've ...... a pair specially for me.

16 - Have you got time to discuss your work now or are you ...... to leave?

17 - She came to live here ...... a month ago.

18 - Once the plane is in the air, you can ...... your seat belts if you wish.

19 - I left my last job because I had no ...... to travel.

20 - It wasn't a bad crash and ...... damage was done to my car.

21 - I'd rather you ...... to her why we can't go.
would explainexplainedto explainwill explain

22 - Before making a decision, the leader considered all ...... of the argument.

23 - This new printer is recommended as being ...... reliable.

24 - When I realised I had dropped my gloves, I decided to ...... my steps.

25 - Anne's house is somewhere in the ...... of the railway station.

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